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» » Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08 FLAC


Kassem Mosse


Workshop 08


Electronic style

FLAC album size:

1426 mb

MP3 album size:

1777 mb

WMA album size:

1824 mb

Other music formats:



4.6 ✱


House, Techno



Date of release:


Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08 FLAC

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08 FLAC




Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
WORKSHOP 08 Kassem Mosse Workshop 08 ‎(12", W/Lbl) Workshop WORKSHOP 08 Germany 2009
WORKSHOP 08 Kassem Mosse Workshop 08 ‎(12", RP) Workshop WORKSHOP 08 Germany 2014

Another awesome installment from Workshop! Keep it up! I love it!
Anybody else notice on the repress there is no run-in groove so the needle just glides and skips into the start of a1? Probably going to cause this record to be unplayable after a few sessions.
I don't have any issue with mine (repress), on A1 the needle doesn't glide and start from the beginning.
Gold as Heart
Played B1 at 45 rpm for the first time tonight and fell in love with this record all over again!
Why is A1 the same thing as B3 on his album but that track is shortened?
it's a nice little ambient vignette - it's cool that he included it on the album in the form that it is, another perspective from which to hear the track. works well as a nice ambient intro!
what's the the fucking hysteria and hipsterism around this record? Dont get me wrong, its not a bad record, but whats w all the hype around this? dont get it..
It's got a beard.
well said!
Then move on and don't upset yourself. Leave it for those who do get it...get it ?
you are a bit hysteric right now. the a1 is one of my favorite tracks of all time. it is hypnotic, elegant, full of wistfullness and ever since the synthline drops in the last time, a real brain melter! glad i didn't had to spend the 50€ i was willing to pay for it. for me this piece of art is beyond music.
top 10 records of 2000s?
lets go baby
anyone else having crack-noises on the a-side?
Yes. All these records are poorly pressed and add the shrink wrap, they get warped. These guys should know better.
I have them on both sides, unfortunately. Really love the release itself though :)
Hardwax have got all the Kassem workshop 12's in stock!
Absolute fucking retards arguing over this record (or any other). There's so much good music out there - don't worry if you don't manage to 'snag' a copy of everything.. Same goes for those who try to impress with their pseudo-intellectual arguments. Just enjoy the music. This is great by the way and not hard to get hard of now or when first came out if you're even slightly on the ball.
*get hold of
Arabella V.
those jackanapes over at workshop better not repress this again. i used this record as collateral to take out a second mortgage
yeah, that shipping aint cheap...even when you're the one paying for it...next time's on me
lol :)
It was actually online for five days, and it sold out. Will be back soon.Best regards, Am 11.02.2014 um 18:01
Just fantastic music that has to be enjoyed on vinyl. The B2 cut is incredible, love that dark vibe. A-side takes you on a great journey aswell. Really happy I got this repress. =)
They made it available online as soon as it was received, and it sold out five days later. If you still see records in the shop that is because they have a backlog of online orders. If a record in the shop says 'Offline' that is because the label requested it not be sold on the website. Keep your conspiracy theories and insults to yourself please.
Der Bat
The point of the comparison was not to compare starvation to a lack of available records, but to illustrate how easy it is for people who do have access to something to take that thing for granted (as I fairly clearly laid out before making the point. You're clearly not stupid, so I can only assume you saw my point and purposefully bent your mind around the comparison actually at hand in order to generate ammunition to use against me. Strawman. Poor show.)''Shit happens'' is in itself a horrible phrase; the slogan of the 21st century indolent, pseudo-cynicism that's the root of all evil in society. All facetiousness aside, you didn't even use it correctly. Circumstance based on accident of birth does not fall under the purview of reasonless, unavoidable injustice that should therefore just be forgotten about.As for you ''not trying'' to convince me to praise any institution: you want me to admit being wrong, that Hardwax is in fact great, otherwise you wouldn't have commented in the first place. You said Hardwax has had a profound effect on Berlin's culture for decades, but catering to the small number of freaks (used affectionately) who dig the music they put out is insignificant in a city of ~3.5 million people. That sounds like Evangelism to me. (Hardwax is an institution btw, maybe that's why you're confused.) As for the open forum thing, that's nice, and I respect your right to say whatever you want, but does it really seem wise to ride all guns blazing into a fight that was just winding down?Furthermore, people giving back to their community doesn't annoy me, don't continue with that strawman nonsense, it's simply Hardwax's frustrating business model that annoys me. I appreciate the fact that they're doing something nice for a community that's lucky enough as it is, and that's admirable, to a point. That point is when the community they're giving to becomes saturated and Hardwax are left with plenty of copies of a certain record stuck on their shelves when they could easily shift them (and delight a few people along the way) by putting them online.Finally, pulling out of an argument with ''Done'' or ''I'm done'', or better yet ''Don't bother replying because I won't'' is not sharp or cool, and certainly does not affect the air of certitude you'd like, it just makes you sound like an impertinent child that's taking his ball home because he's losing the game.
Tsirex, you really took it a step further... First of all, comparing the lack of a record shop to starvation is idiotic.I read all of your comments, and all of the comments before that. I know you don't live next to a record store that carries this type of music. Neither do I with the exception of one that rarely carries anything I would even consider buying. Boo-fucking-hoo, shit happens. I posted my comment because this is an open forum and I could care less if you think I was "too late."Furthermore, I wasn't praising or trying to convince you to praise any "institution" so your smartass attempt at trying to teach me something is moot. I was pointing out a fact - the fact that the people responsible for Hardwax are also responsible for a LOT of contribution to their local scene. Just as Sonic Groove did in New York City, Dope Jams, etc. and plenty of other shops today doing the same thing IN THEIR COMMUNITY. Do you understand my point now? Might as well kick the horse's teeth in by now.Sorry if people giving back to their community annoys you. That is pretty fucking selfish in and of itself. Done.
Evangelism - The relaying of a particular set of beliefs about a person, body, or institution, with the goal of conversion.''Hardwax is not just a record shop but a place that has contributed to Berlin's culture for decades''How have I missed the point? It is, after all, ''just'' a record store.By the time you had posted I had already apologised, and not only that but you just repeated everything the other three guys in the thread had already said (albeit in slightly better English), your comment was fairly pointless - hence the ''day late and a dollar short'' idiom.As for my opinion of the ''just go to your local record store'' thing, if you bothered to read my other posts in this thread (a good idea if you ever want to reply to a comment anywhere btw) you'd understand why this attitude annoys me. But, because I'm nice, I'll save you the trouble and recap: There are no record stores where I live. There are many people who have to buy online because they don't live near any ''real'' shops (even more, believe it or not, than there are those who DO live near a decent record store). It is very easy for someone like pajouh or BaBeLo or the people that work at Phonica, who do live near a nice shop to say ''oh there should be more in-store only releases to reward people who come to the shops, why don't more people just come to the shops?'', just like it's easy for a wealthy person to say ''oh food is easy to afford, why don't starving people just buy more food?'' Some people just don't have that privilege, and why should they be prevented from getting their hands on a record just because accident-of-birth puts them somewhere in the world that's oceans away from a decent store?
Freaky Hook
Evangelism...? Way to miss the point. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll get your copy soon - it is after all just a record. Jesus...Edit - From an interview with the folks at Phonica: http://thump.vice.com/en_uk/words/phonica-tenth-birthday-compilation"The other thing I think has changed in the last two years is store-only releases. Those are really extreme. They weren't allowed to go on our website - or any website, to be honest. You had to come to the shop. I quite like those, although we have to be careful to make sure we give them out, otherwise they can stay languishing in a box. The reason behind people like Rush Hour doing store only is that they don't want people to forget that the place people have always gone to buy music is the record store. That's why we exist. Don't just sit at home. Go to your local record store, and pick something up that people who just shop online won't have access too."
Give it a rest, m808, you're a day late and a dollar short with your evangelism. It would be nice to think that no one in Berlin had the records and that the copies held offline were sold out in a flash due to overwhelming demand. Unfortunately that's not true: there are, according to the Hardwax regular in one of the other threads, still a good few copies of this, 03, and 12 sitting on the shelves in-store. If the demand isn't there, why not re-allocate them for online sale? It makes no sense from a business, or common decency (i.e. first come first served, sans privilege based on Geography) point of view.
I think the bottom line here is that if the guys at Hardwax choose to hold some copies for physical sale, that is their right to do so. Even if their justification is to make sure locals have a chance at owning a copy, what the hell is wrong with that? As most people here know, Hardwax is not just a record shop but a place that has contributed to Berlin's culture for decades - I personally would find it odd they WOULDN'T hold copies in the shop for this very reason. If I had a record shop in my town with such a reputation, I would hold them in even higher regard for thinking about the people that helped them become what they are now. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about that and is, in my opinion, a way of giving back to _their_ community.

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