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Various - Jingle Pursuit FLAC




Jingle Pursuit


Electronic style / Jazz / Rock music / Reggae / Latin / Funk & Soul / Blues / Pop music / Classical music / Brass & Military / For children / World & Country / Screen & Stage

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1366 mb

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1819 mb

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1708 mb

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4.1 ✱


Score, Theme, Acoustic, African, Alternative Rock, Big Band, Celtic, Classical, Country, Disco, Beat, Doo Wop, Blues Rock, Euro-Disco, Easy Listening, Funk, House, Military, Punk, Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Soundtrack, Breakbeat, Hardcore

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Various - Jingle Pursuit FLAC

Various - Jingle Pursuit FLAC

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Broadcast Entertainment - AVF 001 CD
Audience Participation
CD1-1 Jones* & Shaxson* Talk Time
CD1-2 Jones* & Shaxson* Talk Time
CD1-3 Ron Aspery Totally Tropical
CD1-4 Ron Aspery Totally Tropical
CD1-5 Adele Frodsham Cartoon Classics
CD1-6 Adele Frodsham Cartoon Classics
CD1-7 Johnny Dean* Cartoon Underlay 1
CD1-8 Johnny Dean* Cartoon Underlay 2
CD1-9 Johnny Dean* Cartoon Underlay 3
CD1-10 James Harrington Cat-astrophic
CD1-11 James Harrington Cat-astrophic
CD1-12 Adele Frodsham Comedy Capers
CD1-13 Adele Frodsham Comedy Capers
CD1-14 Mike Redway Hot Shot Rag
CD1-15 Mike Redway Hot Shot Rag
CD1-16 Jack & Claridge* Kaiser's Tea Party
CD1-17 Jack & Claridge* Kaiser's Tea Party
CD1-18 Ron Aspery Slap And Tickle
CD1-19 Ron Aspery Slap And Tickle
CD1-20 Gerry Butler Tick Tock
CD1-21 Gerry Butler Tick Tock
CD1-22 Adele Frodsham Coffee Beans
CD1-23 Adele Frodsham Coffee Beans
CD1-24 Jack & Claridge* Cutting Edge
CD1-25 Jack & Claridge* Cutting Edge
CD1-26 Atkins & Mason Heavenly Scent
CD1-27 Atkins & Mason Heavenly Scent
CD1-28 Euripides Hi Tech Household
CD1-29 Chris Marshall Nature's Choice
CD1-30 Chris Marshall Nature's Choice
CD1-31 Jack & Claridge* Outrageous
CD1-32 Jack & Claridge* Outrageous
CD1-33 Ian Lancefield We Care About You
CD1-34 Atkins & Mason World Leader
CD1-35 Atkins & Mason World Leader
CD1-36 Euripides World Travel
Daytime TV
CD1-37 Adele Frodsham Breakfast Time
CD1-38 Adele Frodsham Breakfast Time
CD1-39 Adele Frodsham Family Show
CD1-40 Adele Frodsham Family Show
Factual / Consumer
CD1-41 Ron Aspery Financial Times
CD1-42 Ron Aspery Financial Times
CD1-43 Price* & Foster* Inside Story
CD1-44 Price* & Foster* Inside Story
CD1-45 Adele Frodsham Investigation
CD1-46 Adele Frodsham Investigation
CD1-47 Adele Frodsham Vigilante
CD1-48 Adele Frodsham Vigilante
Game Show
CD1-49 Adele Frodsham Generation Show
CD1-50 Adele Frodsham Generation Show
CD1-51 Adele Frodsham Next Contestant
CD1-52 Adele Frodsham Next Contestant
CD1-53 Adele Frodsham On Tonight's Show
CD1-54 Adele Frodsham On Tonight's Show
CD1-55 Gerry Butler Sport Of Kings
CD1-56 Gerry Butler Sport Of Kings
CD1-57 Jack & Claridge* Intermission 1
CD1-58 Derek Austin Intermission 2
CD1-59 Dick Walter Intermission 3
News & Current Affairs
CD1-60 Mark Fisher Foreign Affairs
CD1-61 Mark Fisher Foreign Affairs
CD1-62 Ron Aspery Latest Reports
CD1-63 Ron Aspery Latest Reports
CD1-64 Adele Frodsham Legal Matters
CD1-65 Adele Frodsham Legal Matters
CD1-66 Mark Fisher News Desk Update
CD1-67 Trevor Bastow Opening Round
CD1-68 Trevor Bastow Opening Round
CD1-69 Adele Frodsham People's Parliament
CD1-70 Adele Frodsham People's Parliament
CD1-71 Paul Williams Christmas Music Box
CD1-72 Ian Lancefield Circus Trapeze
CD1-73 Syd Dale Comedian's Walk
CD1-74 Syd Dale Day Trippers
CD1-75 Monica Beale Egg And Spoon
CD1-76 Ron Aspery Flying Custard
CD1-77 Malcolm Atkins Funfair
CD1-78 James Harrington Let's Play Offices
CD1-79 Paddy Kingsland March Of The Moogs
CD1-80 Mike Redway Master Chuckles
CD1-81 Mike Redway Mr Chuckles
CD1-82 Ron Aspery Plinky Plonky
CD1-83 Mike Redway Sleepy Go Round
CD1-84 Adele Frodsham Toddler's Storytime
CD1-85 Malcolm Atkins Toytown Activity
CD1-86 Paddy Kingsland Wobble In Time
CD1-87 Ron Aspery American Sit-com
CD1-88 Aaron Briggs Brookslide
CD1-89 Aaron Briggs Eastway
CD1-90 Aaron Briggs Home From Home
CD1-91 Conway* & Thomas* Whimsical Quartet
Youth TV
CD1-92 Aaron Briggs Critical Eye
CD1-93 Aaron Briggs Critical Eye
CD1-94 Chris Kyriacou Games Master
CD1-95 Chris Kyriacou Games Master
CD1-96 Aaron Briggs Raving
CD1-97 Aaron Briggs Raving
CD1-98 Chris Kyriacou Youth Culture
CD1-99 Chris Kyriacou Youth Culture
Multimedia Entertainment - AVF 002 CD
Adult Entertainment
CD2-1 Bill Geldard Harlem Beat
CD2-2 Bill Geldard Harlem Beat
CD2-3 Ron Aspery Late Night Sax
CD2-4 Ron Aspery Late Night Sax
CD2-5 Dick Hyman Soho Stripper
CD2-6 Dick Hyman Soho Stripper
CD2-7 Fayyaz Virji City Lights
CD2-8 Iain Carnegie Financial Planning
CD2-9 Fayyaz Virji High Flyer
CD2-10 Fayyaz Virji High Flyer
Drama & Suspense
CD2-11 Frank Ricotti Hostile Tension
CD2-12 Alan Parker Midnight Shadow
CD2-13 Alan Parker Midnight Shadow
CD2-14 Guiseppe Cerciello Orchestral Tension
CD2-15 Guiseppe Cerciello Orchestral Tension
CD2-16 Dick Walter Silhouettes
CD2-17 Alan Parker Sinister Strings
CD2-18 Alan Parker Sinister Strings
CD2-19 Adele Frodsham Arcadia
CD2-20 Adele Frodsham Arcadia
CD2-21 Adele Frodsham Futuristic Fashion
CD2-22 Adele Frodsham Futuristic Fashion
CD2-23 James Harrington Futuristic Detective
CD2-24 James Harrington Futuristic Detective
CD2-25 Alan Parker Hollywood Epic
CD2-26 Alan Parker Hollywood Epic
CD2-27 Syd Dale Impossible Spy
CD2-28 Syd Dale Impossible Spy
CD2-29 Derek Austin Loving Spy
CD2-30 Derek Austin Loving Spy
CD2-31 Paul Williams Psycho Jaws
CD2-32 Paul Williams Psycho Jaws
CD2-33 Burnell Whibley Seascape
CD2-34 Simon Benson Shark Attack
CD2-35 Simon Benson Shark Attack
CD2-36 Melvin Duffy Texas Heat
CD2-37 Chris Marshall Wheels Of Fire
CD2-38 Chris Marshall Wheels Of Fire
CD2-39 Paul Cooper Chilling Call
CD2-40 Steve Jolliffe Danger Trail
CD2-41 Paul Cooper Haunting Call
CD2-42 Simon Benson Prowler
CD2-43 Paul Cooper Satan's Call
CD2-44 Euripides Tension
Idents & Trailers
CD2-45 Euripides Calm Waters
CD2-46 Albert Alan Owen Cinema Trailer
CD2-47 Alan Parker Coming Attractions
CD2-48 Alan Parker Coming Attractions
CD2-49 Foster* & Price* Milk Trailer
CD2-50 Foster* & Price* Milk Trailer
CD2-51 Derek Austin Network Trailer
CD2-52 Derek Austin Network Trailer
CD2-53 Derek Austin Close Of Day
CD2-54 Derek Austin Close Of Day
CD2-55 Anne Dudley Love Affair
CD2-56 Geoff Eales Reflections
CD2-57 Geoff Eales Reflections
CD2-58 Conway* & Thomas* Romantic Theme
CD2-59 Conway* & Thomas* Romantic Theme
CD2-60 Derek Austin Shades Of Romance
Spy & Thriller
CD2-61 Chris Marshall Action Detective
CD2-62 Chris Marshall Action Detective
CD2-63 Alan Parker Action Report
CD2-64 Dick Walter Case Continues...
CD2-65 Dick Walter Case Continues...
CD2-66 Chris Marshall City Detective
CD2-67 Chris Marshall City Detective
CD2-68 Frank Ricotti Cover Me
CD2-69 Frank Ricotti Cover Me
CD2-70 Alan Parker High Voltage
CD2-71 Johnny Dean* Short Fuse
CD2-72 Dick Walter Spy Vs Spy
CD2-73 Frank Ricotti Take It To The Streets
CD2-74 Frank Ricotti Take It To The Streets
CD2-75 Paul Cooper Innocent Danger
CD2-76 Paul Cooper Innocent Danger
CD2-77 Ian Lancefield Sorcery
CD2-78 Paul Cooper Supernatural Call
CD2-79 Ian Lancefield Supernatural Tales
CD2-80 Malcolm Atkins Witchcraft
CD2-81 Malcolm Atkins Witchcraft
CD2-82 Derek Austin All In A Day's Work
CD2-83 Derek Austin All In A Day's Work
CD2-84 Alan Parker Border Incident
CD2-85 Alan Parker Border Incident
CD2-86 Frank Ricotti Feeling Lucky
CD2-87 Frank Ricotti Feeling Lucky
CD2-88 Alan Parker Guest Appearance
CD2-89 Alan Parker Guest Appearance
Video Games
CD2-90 James Harrington Arcade Addition
CD2-91 James Harrington Arcade Addition
CD2-92 Alan Parker Mario's Friends
CD2-93 Alan Parker Mario's Friends
CD2-94 Albert Alan Owen Noddy's Arcade
CD2-95 Albert Alan Owen Noddy's Arcade
CD2-96 Alan Parker Platform Theme
CD2-97 Alan Parker Platform Theme
CD2-98 James Harrington Video Vibes
CD2-99 James Harrington Video Vibes
Science & Nature - AVF 003 CD
CD3-1 Albert Alan Owen Birdworld
CD3-2 Johnny Dean* Penguins
CD3-3 Vic Flick Playing The Heavy
CD3-4 Vic Flick Playing The Heavy
Beeps & Impulses
CD3-5 Albert Alan Owen Beeps And Impulses
CD3-6 James Harrington Random Access Code
CD3-7 James Harrington Random Access Code
CD3-8 Alan Parker Atomic Animation
CD3-9 Alan Parker Atomic Animation
CD3-10 Grant Ransom Happy Computers
CD3-11 Grant Ransom Happy Computers
CD3-12 Jones* & Shaxson* Networking Structure
CD3-13 Jones* & Shaxson* Networking Structure
CD3-14 James Harrington Viral Infection
CD3-15 James Harrington Viral Infection
CD3-16 Dave Reynolds* Arctic Landscapes
CD3-17 Dave Reynolds* Arctic Landscapes
CD3-18 Adele Frodsham Eco Friendly
CD3-19 Adele Frodsham Eco Friendly
CD3-20 Adele Frodsham Nature Watch
CD3-21 Adele Frodsham Nature Watch
Healthcare & Medical
CD3-22 Foster* & Price* Better Future For You
CD3-23 Foster* & Price* Better Future For You
CD3-24 Iain Carnegie Caring For You
CD3-25 Euripides Make The World Better
CD3-26 Iain Carnegie Medical Vision
CD3-27 Chris Marshall Driving Engines
CD3-28 Chris Marshall Driving Engines
CD3-29 Ian Lancefield Looking To The Future
CD3-30 Ian Lancefield Making It Happen
CD3-31 Ian Lancefield Manufacturing Process
CD3-32 Albert Alan Owen Money Matters
CD3-33 James Harrington Progress In Action
CD3-34 James Harrington Progress In Action
CD3-35 Aaron Briggs Shock Waves
CD3-36 Adele Frodsham Technology Today
CD3-37 Adele Frodsham Technology Today
CD3-38 Paul Williams Bubbels In A Test Tube
CD3-39 Monica Beale High Resolution
CD3-40 Monica Beale High Resolution
CD3-41 Anne Dudley Microbe Energy
CD3-42 Paul Williams Microscopic Growth
CD3-43 Paul Williams Microscopic Growth
CD3-44 Ian Lancefield Mystique
CD3-45 James Harrington Neurons
CD3-46 James Harrington Neurons
Modern Science
CD3-47 Wilson* & Routh* Body Electric
CD3-48 Wilson* & Routh* Body Electric
CD3-49 Albert Alan Owen Daily Routine
CD3-50 Monica Beale Interface
CD3-51 Cozens* & Parker* Knowledge At Hand
CD3-52 Cozens* & Parker* Knowledge At Hand
CD3-53 Jones* & Shaxson* Making Progress
CD3-54 Jones* & Shaxson* Making Progress
CD3-55 Jones* & Shaxson* Medical Matters
CD3-56 Jones* & Shaxson* Medical Matters
CD3-57 Albert Alan Owen Power Of The Machine
CD3-58 Geoff Eales After The Storm
CD3-59 Geoff Eales After The Storm
CD3-60 James Harrington Air Currents
CD3-61 James Harrington Air Currents
CD3-62 Anne Dudley Garden Of Wonderland
CD3-63 Albert Alan Owen Genesis And Evolution
CD3-64 Burnell Whibley Meadow Lark
CD3-65 Burnell Whibley Meadow Lark
CD3-66 Burnell Whibley Morning Dew
CD3-67 Burnell Whibley Morning Dew
CD3-68 Albert Alan Owen Nature At Its Best
CD3-69 James Harrington Nature's Beauty
CD3-70 James Harrington Nature's Beauty
CD3-71 Paul Williams Nature's Children
CD3-72 Paul Williams Nature's Children
CD3-73 Ian Lancefield Nature's Wonder
CD3-74 Paul Williams New Age Dawning
CD3-75 Paul Williams New Age Dawning
CD3-76 Paul Reade Panoramic Vista
CD3-77 Chris Kyriacou Weather Or Not
CD3-78 Jack & Claridge* Earth's Beauty
CD3-79 Jack & Claridge* Earth's Beauty
CD3-80 Ian Lancefield New Age Panorama
CD3-81 Aaron Briggs Preview
CD3-82 Ian Lancefield View From Above
CD3-83 Monica Beale Aerospace
CD3-84 Dave Reynolds* Asteroids
CD3-85 Dave Reynolds* Asteroids
CD3-86 Ian Lancefield Interplanetary Comms
CD3-87 Paul Williams Isolation In Space
CD3-88 Paul Williams Isolation In Space
CD3-89 Paul Williams Northern Lights
CD3-90 Chris Marshall Outer Space Limits
CD3-91 Chris Marshall Outer Space Limits
CD3-92 Adele Frodsham Universe Under Threat
CD3-93 Adele Frodsham Universe Under Threat
CD3-94 Paul Williams Cavern Of The Sea
CD3-95 Cozens* & Parker* Underwater Habitat
CD3-96 Cozens* & Parker* Underwater Habitat
CD3-97 James Harrington Underwater Solitude
CD3-98 James Harrington Underwater Solitude
CD3-99 Paul Williams Waterworks
Music Styles - AVF 004 CD
40's & 50's
CD4-1 Syd Dale Doo Wah Doo Wah
CD4-2 Syd Dale Eight Men Swinging
CD4-3 Ronnie Price How To Treat A Lady
CD4-4 Ronnie Price How To Treat A Lady
CD4-5 Alan Broadbent Twang Eddy
60's & 70's
CD4-6 Derek Austin Another Hard Day
CD4-7 Don Lusher Carnaby Chick
CD4-8 Don Lusher Carnaby Chick
CD4-9 Nick Ingman Chasing Stardom
CD4-10 Nick Ingman Chasing Stardom
CD4-11 Derek Austin Foxy Lady
CD4-12 Syd Dale Lucky Seven
CD4-13 Syd Dale Lucky Seven
CD4-14 Nick Ingman Opening Night
CD4-15 Nick Ingman Opening Night
CD4-16 Syd Dale The Groupie
CD4-17 Syd Dale The Groupie
CD4-18 Alan Parker Blue For You
CD4-19 Alan Parker Blue For You
CD4-20 Melvin Duffy Blues Groove
CD4-21 Melvin Duffy Blues Groove
CD4-22 Grant Ransom Done Me Wrong
CD4-23 Grant Ransom Done Me Wrong
CD4-24 Ron Aspery Travellin' Blues
CD4-25 Ron Aspery Travellin' Blues
Chart & Pop
CD4-26 Chris Marshall Catwalking
CD4-27 Chris Marshall Catwalking
CD4-28 Melvin* & Schofield* Europop
CD4-29 Melvin* & Schofield* Europop
CD4-30 Cozens* & Parker* Lose Control
CD4-31 Cozens* & Parker* Lose Control
CD4-32 Syd Dale Atlanta Attack
CD4-33 Syd Dale Bytes Of Bach
CD4-34 Anne Dudley Duchess
CD4-35 Syd Dale Rossini Rondeau
CD4-36 Mark Thomas String Quartet
CD4-37 Briggs & Briggs Twelve Tone Exercise
Country & Western
CD4-38 Melvin Duffy Country Love
CD4-39 Melvin Duffy Country Love
CD4-40 Harrington* & Ward* Country Pickin'
CD4-41 Harrington* & Ward* Country Pickin'
CD4-42 Woodford* & Bruce* & Cookerly* Opryland
CD4-43 Woodford* & Bruce* & Cookerly* Opryland
CD4-44 Melvin Duffy Steel Country
CD4-45 Nick Melvin Dance Crazy
CD4-46 Nick Melvin Dance Crazy
CD4-47 Jones* & Shaxson* Let's Do It
CD4-48 Jones* & Shaxson* Let's Do It
Driving Music
CD4-49 Chris Marshall Easy Driving
CD4-50 Chris Marshall Easy Driving
CD4-51 Melvin Duffy West Coast Drive
CD4-52 Melvin Duffy West Coast Drive
CD4-53 Julian Lowe Funk Me Baby
CD4-54 Julian Lowe Funk Me Baby
CD4-55 Nick Melvin Funky Lady
CD4-56 Nick Melvin Funky Lady
CD4-57 Frank Ricotti Rhythm Riot
CD4-58 Frank Ricotti Rhythm Riot
CD4-59 Geoff Eales Back In Five
CD4-60 Geoff Eales Back In Five
CD4-61 Ron Aspery Get Modern
CD4-62 Ron Aspery Get Modern
CD4-63 Brian Fahey Here In A Smokey Room
CD4-64 Brian Fahey Here In A Smokey Room
CD4-65 Ron Aspery Key Me Out
CD4-66 Ron Aspery Key Me Out
Late Night
CD4-67 Gerry Butler High Class Boozer
CD4-68 Gerry Butler High Class Boozer
CD4-69 Ron Aspery Loving Touch
CD4-70 Ron Aspery Loving Touch
CD4-71 Chris Marshall Sax Ballad
CD4-72 Chris Marshall Sax Ballad
CD4-73 Derek Austin Two Of A Kind
CD4-74 Dave Reynolds* Moody Pickin'
CD4-75 Dave Reynolds* Moody Pickin'
CD4-76 Alan Parker Pickin' Guitar
CD4-77 Alan Parker Pickin' Guitar
CD4-78 Dave Reynolds* Pistol Punk
CD4-79 Dave Reynolds* Pistol Punk
CD4-80 Cooper* & York* Punk Rebel
CD4-81 Cooper* & York* Punk Rebel
Rhythm & Blues
CD4-82 Cooper* & York* Blue Brothers
CD4-83 Cooper* & York* Blue Brothers
CD4-84 Cooper* & York* Total Commitment
CD4-85 Cooper* & York* Total Commitment
Reggae & Ska
CD4-86 Grant Ransom Buffalo Bob
CD4-87 Grant Ransom Buffalo Bob
CD4-88 Jones* & Shaxson* Happy People
CD4-89 Jones* & Shaxson* Happy People
CD4-90 Malcolm Atkins Rock Steady
CD4-91 Malcolm Atkins Rock Steady
CD4-92 Grant Ransom Blue Stones
CD4-93 Briggs* & Minnis* Easy Top
CD4-94 Wilson* & Ransom* Electric Blue
CD4-95 Cooper* & York* Maiden England
CD4-96 Jones* & Shaxson* Rock Heavy
CD4-97 Harrington* & Ward* Rock Seventies
CD4-98 Cooper* & York* Skies Of Blue
CD4-99 James Harrington Soft Rock Ballad
Sport & Leisure - AVF 005 CD
Action & Power Sports
CD5-1 Aaron Briggs Adrenalin
CD5-2 Aaron Briggs Adrenalin
CD5-3 Dave Reynolds* Close Contact
CD5-4 Dave Reynolds* Close Contact
CD5-5 Nick Melvin Motor Sports
CD5-6 Nick Melvin Motor Sports
CD5-7 Albert Alan Owen Pentathlon
CD5-8 Albert Alan Owen Pentathlon
CD5-9 Simon Taylor Power Drive
CD5-10 Jones* & Shaxson* Power USA
CD5-11 Jones* & Shaxson* Power USA
CD5-12 Melvin* & DJ TX* Puck Off
CD5-13 Melvin* & DJ TX* Puck Off
CD5-14 Simon Taylor Rally
CD5-15 Simon Taylor Rally
CD5-16 Dave Reynolds* Teamwork
CD5-17 Dave Reynolds* Teamwork
CD5-18 Jones* & Shaxson* Trailblazer
CD5-19 Jones* & Shaxson* Trailblazer
General Sport
CD5-20 Alan Parker Crowd Awaits
CD5-21 Alan Parker Crowd Awaits
CD5-22 Dave Reynolds* Field Sports
CD5-23 Nick Melvin Goal Scorer
CD5-24 Nick Melvin Goal Scorer
CD5-25 Nick Melvin Olympians
CD5-26 Nick Melvin Olympians
CD5-27 Adele Frodsham Power Run
CD5-28 Adele Frodsham Power Run
CD5-29 Aaron Briggs Racquetball
CD5-30 Aaron Briggs Racquetball
CD5-31 Steve Gray Slam Dunk
CD5-32 Adele Frodsham Sport For All
CD5-33 Adele Frodsham Sport For All
CD5-34 Ron Aspery Training
CD5-35 Nick Melvin Water Wonderland
CD5-36 Nick Melvin Water Wonderland
Hobbies & Pastimes
CD5-37 Cooper* & York* Bully For You
CD5-38 Cooper* & York* Bully For You
CD5-39 Albert Alan Owen By The Ocean
CD5-40 Albert Alan Owen By The Ocean
CD5-41 Adele Frodsham Double Top
CD5-42 Adele Frodsham Double Top
CD5-43 Adele Frodsham Gardener's Choice
CD5-44 Adele Frodsham Gardener's Choice
CD5-45 Ian Lancefield Sailboat
CD5-46 Paul Riordan Stomp
CD5-47 Paul Riordan Stomp
CD5-48 Derek Austin Air Balloon
CD5-49 Derek Austin Air Balloon
CD5-50 Geoff Eales Childhood Dreams
CD5-51 Geoff Eales Childhood Dreams
CD5-52 James Harrington Daydreams
CD5-53 James Harrington Daydreams
CD5-54 Nick Melvin Inner Space
CD5-55 Nick Melvin Inner Space
CD5-56 Alan Parker Kingfisher
CD5-57 Alan Parker Kingfisher
CD5-58 Geoff Eales Little Suzie
CD5-59 Geoff Eales Little Suzie
CD5-60 Chris Marshall Mellow Moments
CD5-61 Chris Marshall Mellow Moments
Sports Trailers
CD5-62 Trevor Bastow Aim To The Stars
CD5-63 Trevor Bastow Aim To The Stars
CD5-64 Alan Parker American Dream
CD5-65 Alan Parker Aim To The Stars
CD5-66 Ron Aspery Challenger
CD5-67 Ron Aspery Confrontation
CD5-68 Gerry Butler Football Focus
CD5-69 Gerry Butler Football Focus
CD5-70 Max Harris Grandstand
CD5-71 Max Harris Grandstand
CD5-72 Len Hunter Metro March
CD5-73 Len Hunter Metro March
CD5-74 Alan Parker Sport Roundup
CD5-75 Alan Parker Sport Roundup
CD5-76 Ian Lancefield Sporting Chance
CD5-77 Ian Lancefield Sporting Chance
CD5-78 Derek Austin Supercharged
CD5-79 Derek Austin Supercharged
CD5-80 Mark Fisher Winning Ways
CD5-81 David J Monroe* World Champion
CD5-82 David J Monroe* World Champion
CD5-83 Derek Austin Barbados Bound
CD5-84 Anne Dudley City Breaks
CD5-85 Anne Dudley City Breaks
CD5-86 Conway* & Thomas* Countryside Holidays
CD5-87 Alan Parker Damp Deckchairs
CD5-88 Alan Parker Damp Deckchairs
CD5-89 Raoul Phillips Fly By Night
CD5-90 Raoul Phillips Fly By Night
CD5-91 Adele Frodsham Getaway Break
CD5-92 Adele Frodsham Getaway Break
CD5-93 Mike Redway Holiday Destination
CD5-94 Mike Redway Holiday Destination
CD5-95 Mike Redway Samba In The Sun
CD5-96 Mike Redway Samba In The Sun
CD5-97 Anne Dudley Sightseeing Tours
CD5-98 Anne Dudley Sightseeing Tours
CD5-99 Ian Lancefield Steam Train
History & Geography - AVF 006 CD
CD6-1 Crispin Merrell 17th Century Court
CD6-2 James Harrington American Civil War
CD6-3 James Harrington American Civil War
CD6-4 Albert Alan Owen Baroque Harpsichord
CD6-5 Iain Carnegie Crusade
CD6-6 Iain Carnegie Crusade
CD6-7 James Harrington Days Of Old
CD6-8 James Harrington Days Of Old
CD6-9 Iain Carnegie Fugue
CD6-10 P. Rutterford* Funereal Drums
CD6-11 Cooper* & York* Mediaeval Feast
CD6-12 Cooper* & York* Mediaeval Feast
CD6-13 James Harrington Morris Folk
CD6-14 James Harrington Morris Folk
CD6-15 Cooper* & York* Overture
CD6-16 Cooper* & York* Overture
CD6-17 S. Thomson Reveille
Arranged By – S. Thomson
CD6-18 Paul Reade Search For Success
CD6-19 Syd Dale Sing A Madrigal
CD6-20 Syd Dale Sing A Madrigal
CD6-21 Burnell Whibley Stately Home
CD6-22 Burnell Whibley Stately Home
CD6-23 Anne Dudley Victorian Classic
CD6-24 Jones* & Shaxson* African Atmosphere
CD6-25 Jones* & Shaxson* African Atmosphere
CD6-26 Adele Frodsham African Plains
CD6-27 Adele Frodsham African Plains
British Isles
CD6-28 Cooper* & York* Blarney Stone
CD6-29 Cooper* & York* Blarney Stone
CD6-30 E. Pickering* British Grenadiers
Arranged By – E. Pickering*
CD6-31 Briggs* & Williams* Eastbourne Towers
CD6-32 Briggs* & Williams* Eastbourne Towers
CD6-33 Alan Parker England Awaits
CD6-34 Alan Parker England Awaits
CD6-35 Paul Williams English Drawing Room
CD6-36 Paul Williams English Drawing Room
CD6-37 Briggs & Briggs Irish Jig
CD6-38 Ian Lancefield Irish Lament
CD6-39 Ian Lancefield Irish Mist
CD6-40 Roger Tomlinson Our Colonel In Chief
Arranged By – Roger Tomlinson
CD6-41 R. Stewart Rule Britannia
Arranged By – R. Stewart
CD6-42 D. Knox Soldiers Return
Arranged By – D. Knox
CD6-43 CRC Garrity Tretower Court
Arranged By – CRC Garrity
CD6-44 Conway* & Thomas* Alpine Frolics
CD6-45 Conway* & Thomas* Alpine Frolics
CD6-46 Ron Aspery Bierfest
CD6-47 Ron Aspery Bierfest
CD6-48 Cooper* & York* Bulgarian Theme
CD6-49 Cooper* & York* Bulgarian Theme
CD6-50 Paul Williams French Village
CD6-51 Paul Williams French Village
CD6-52 Paul Williams French Village
CD6-53 Briggs & Briggs Gypsy Rosalee
CD6-54 Briggs & Briggs Gypsy Rosalee
CD6-55 Paul Williams Happy Italian Band
CD6-56 Paul Williams Happy Italian Band
CD6-57 Conway* & Thomas* Hungarian Gavotte
CD6-58 Conway* & Thomas* Hungarian Gavotte
CD6-59 Paul Williams Italian Duet
CD6-60 Paul Williams Italian Romance
CD6-61 Mark Fisher Shades Of Vienna
CD6-62 V. Lindsey-Clark* Spanish Journey
Far East
CD6-63 Albert Alan Owen China
CD6-64 Albert Alan Owen Indonesia 1
CD6-65 Albert Alan Owen Indonesia 2
CD6-66 Albert Alan Owen Indonesia 3
CD6-67 Paul Williams Japanese Effects
CD6-68 Paul Williams Japanese Effects
CD6-69 Alan Parker Japanese Flute & Drum
CD6-70 Alan Parker Japanese Flute & Drum
CD6-71 Albert Alan Owen Malaysia
CD6-72 Paul Williams Restaurant Sitar
CD6-73 Paul Williams Restaurant Sitar
CD6-74 Melvin Duffy Sitar On Guitar
CD6-75 Alan Parker Thai
CD6-76 Alan Parker Thai
Middle East
CD6-77 Albert Alan Owen Arabian Thoughts
CD6-78 Steve Jolliffe Flute Impression
CD6-79 Cooper* & York* Syria
CD6-80 Cooper* & York* Syria
North America
CD6-81 Melvin Duffy Cajun Comfort
CD6-82 Melvin Duffy Country Rock USA
CD6-83 Melvin Duffy Country Rock USA
CD6-84 Melvin Duffy Hawaiian Hula
CD6-85 Woodford* & Bruce* & Cookerly* In The Swamp
CD6-86 Woodford* & Bruce* & Cookerly* In The Swamp
CD6-87 Woodford* & Bruce* & Cookerly* Louisiana Possum
CD6-88 Woodford* & Bruce* & Cookerly* Louisiana Possum
CD6-89 Ron Aspery Southern Stomp
CD6-90 Ron Aspery Southern Stomp
CD6-91 Albert Alan Owen Iron Curtain
CD6-92 Briggs & Briggs Russian Round
CD6-93 Briggs & Briggs Russian Round
South America
CD6-94 Jones* & Shaxson* Darkest Peru
CD6-95 Malcolm Atkins Hot Chilli
CD6-96 Malcolm Atkins Hot Chilli
CD6-97 Mark Fisher Latin Party
CD6-98 Mark Fisher Latin Rave
CD6-99 Frank Ricotti Rhythm Riot


Release Notes:
A six CD, library music package that was sent out to media companies, and the like, around the world. It would appear that they initially meant for it to be a 10CD pack, but in the end it was only 6.

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